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Welcome to Zinnysworld.  Featured on these pages are images of fauna and flora common to Florida. Occasionally, there will be images from other states or countries that I have traveled to. On the Field Trips pages you will find summaries of recent field trips, along with some images, that I have taken either by myself or with other groups, such the Peace River Audubon Society or the Photo Adventures Camera Club.

The Gallery pages contain images of birds, insects, mammals, reptiles, wild flowers, and trees found throughout the state of Florida. The Birding pages contain information on upcoming birding and wildlife festivals and birding hotspots, organized by county, found throughout Florida.  There is also some information on the Florida Breeding Bird Atlases.  Links to various Audubon web sites, birding sites and sites to find information on birds, insects and plants are found on the Links page.  A list of books on the fauna and flora of Florida and the rest of the United States are found on the References page.

Recently, I had my first book published.  The title is “Portraits of Florida Wildlife.”  It is styled as a coffee-table type book.  More information about this book can be found on the About Me page.

The above image shows a Red-headed Agama.  It was taken on in February in Punta Gorda, at the northwest corned of Olympia and Wood.  This is a nonnative lizard from Africa.  There are breeding populations in five Florida counties.  The only breeding population on the west coast is in Punta Gorda.  For more images and information, click here.

Red-headed Agama